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It's A Sex-Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Close your legs and lock up those chastity belts good and tight. Sex madness is sweeping the globe, and you may be it's next, um, victim.

Suspected rodent rapist Richard Gere is a wanted man in India. A warrant has been issued for his arrest there after he repeatedly kissed his female co-host on a televised AIDS benefit. The traditionally modest country was thrown into chaos in the aftermath of the illicit act. Angry people started riots and demanded that both pervs/perps be prosecuted. Gere apologized, but you can't reason with the righteous. I can only imagine what would have happened had Gere been depicted kissing an Indian woman in a cartoon. (Yes, I know that was a different group of people, but they're reacting the same way, i.e. "over." And anyway, I'll cover them next.)

From the Middle East we hear that there's basically the Muslim equivalent of sex therapist Dr. Ruth in Egypt. Dr. Heba Kotb has a TV show, The Big Talk, where she candidly discusses sexuality for married couples. Yes, only married couples, though I imagine it would be hard to prevent anyone tuning in. What's amazing is not that she reveals Muslims actually do have sex (as did our folks and their folks), but that she hasn't been taken off the air and arrested on morals charges. Here you have a woman talking about, among other things, "masturbation... sex over the Internet" while she sits with her head modestly covered as if those are pubes she's hiding under there. Beats me.

Restrooms aren't for rest, and "comfort women" weren't exactly for comfort. They were prostitutes who were often forced to work against their will. And it has come to light that, no sooner had the Japanese surrendered to the US during World War II, than they set up brothels to quench the carnal appetites of our GI's during the post-war occupation. I would not be the man to deny any person their share of the corporeal pursuits, least of all our boys in the Pacific, but this is one instance where I would definitely call sex "shameful."

And speaking of sexual slavery...

Condi's right-hand man (no pun intended), Randall L. Tobias, resigned last week after his name was revealed to be on the client list of a Washington, DC madam. And more prominent names are expected to come. This case is interesting not only because of Tobias' proximity to top government officials, but because he had previously headed a
group called AIDS Relief on behalf of President Bush. This organization stresses abstinence over condom use, and opposes prostitution and sex slavery.

In his defense, Tobias claims there was "no sex,' but merely some massages from the "gals." In other words, he did not have sexual relations with those women, and they didn't inhale his semen.
No sex? I guess it depends on what the meaning of come is. But a couple hundred bucks per hour and he didn't get laid? Yeah, and Ted Haggard didn’t get man-love from his hired hand either. Tobias is a man who really knows how to blow his taxpayer-provided salary. In a manner of speaking.

Sex isn't going away. Not for the rich or the poor, the powerful or the meek, the Christian or the Muslim. It's time human beings acknowledged their natural urges, suppressed them when appropriate, and celebrated them responsibly whenever possible. Who's with me?

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